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Black Sugar Ultimate Hair Kit

Sale price$85.00 Regular price$170.00

Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

No hidden nasties here, just natural goodness

No Nasties

No Nasties

Free from sulfates, parabens and silicones

All Hair Types

All Hair Types

Balanced hydration, repair & nourishment

Inspired by YSL Black Opium, our Black Sugar fragrance is an intoxicating blend of patchouli, soft white florals, vanilla, coffee, and sweet jasmine, capturing the essence of luxury and allure. 

💆‍♀️ SHAMPOO: Cleanses and nourishes hair, leaving it refreshed and revitalised.

💇‍♀️ CONDITIONER: Smooths and conditions the hair, promoting softness and manageability.

🧴 HAIR MASK: Deeply nourishes and repairs hair, enhancing its strength and shine.

Plus free gifts!

💫 NATURAL HAIR SERUM OIL: Nourishes and adds shine to natural hair, promoting a healthy and lustrous look.

🚿 SHOWER COMB: Gently detangles hair in the shower for a smooth and knot-free experience.

🌿 SCALP BRUSH: Promotes a healthy scalp by stimulating circulation and exfoliating.