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About Us

Dawning in 2016; hideAWAY, our Gold Coast-based and family-owned company, has grown into a beautiful partnership between us and you, our valued customers, where we provide a unique and luscious selection of lovingly crafted  Bath & Body Treats in which you enjoy and indulge in. Whilst our feet will always be planted firmly in the sands of Burleigh Beach, hideAWAY has spread its wings and we are excited to serve customers across the globe, bringing a slice of Gold Coast heaven directly to your doorstep. 
hideAWAY prioritises your self-care. We have tailored our extensive range of products to be your go-to whether you're enjoying a lazy Sunday at home, soaking up the sun on the beach, or on a night out with your friends. Feel hydrated and radiant every day knowing each of our product formulations are packed with nourishing ingredients. Fall in love with exploring our wide variety of signature fragrances that we have carefully curated with our hideAWAY family in mind. Whether you prefer a sweet, fruity or perfume fragrance, we have an array of long-lasting scents that are sure to become a staple in your daily regime.
Our products are our passion and we know you’ll feel the same. hideAWAY are proud of what we do and where we are from, we strive to provide exceptional service to ensure a seamless customer experience and are committed to bringing the coastal feel that is infused throughout our range, directly to you. The hideAWAY journey is ever-evolving and you as our family are a part of our constant growth and success, we love to hear from you and thrive in knowing that we are a part of helping you treat yourself, love your body and most importantly - being uniquely you.
Ashy, Steve, Taj, Tala and The hideAWAY Team
PLATINUM INVESTMENT GROUP PTY LTD is an Australian Proprietary Company registered in Queensland, Australia
ACN 161 744 903
ABN 64 161 744 903