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Article: What’s SO good about our Body Mists? Here are their top 4 features!

What’s SO good about our Body Mists? Here are their top 4 features!
Body Mists

What’s SO good about our Body Mists? Here are their top 4 features!

As it creeps into the warmer months I’m finding it extremely hard to put down our Body Mists. There’s something about spraying a cold Body Mist all over my body on a 30℃ day that just HITS DIFFERENT. 

If you haven’t already tried our Body Mists, they’re a hydrating, lightweight, vegan and cruelty free mist rich in Vitamin B and Witch Hazel. They’re combined with our luscious and indulgent fragrances and are available in over 20 different scents!

I love them because they’re so refreshingly soft and delectably scented. I definitely have been opting for our Body Mists over perfume throughout the day because of how lightweight they actually are!

The top 4 features of our Body Mists:

   1. They’re a low-cost alternative to perfume 

We often get feedback from our customers that our fragrances are similar to a lot of popular, high-end perfumes. 

Our body mists are the perfect budget-friendly alternative if you want to smell AMAZING but don’t want to drop big bucks on high-end, pricey perfumes. 

A lot of our girls mention how similar Black Sugar smells to Black Opium and when we compare prices, our Body Mist is a ¼ of the price, if not less!! They’re a great alternative.

   2. Great for spraying on fresh linen

Some of our fresh fragrances are PERFECT for linen. However, as with all of our products - we recommend patch testing your skin for any adverse reactions, but also your linen (especially if pure white) to ensure no staining occurs.

Some fragrances that are great for linen (in my opinion) are, Ocean Blue, Infinite, Frangipani Dream and Lemongrass Lime. I’ve been using Infinite on my sheets since we released the fragrance and I’m IN LOVE. I’ll be so sad to see this fragrance go that’s for sure!

  3. You can layer them 

By using a variety of our products in the SAME scent, you can layer your fragrance to ensure you’re smelling AMAZING all day long! And because our Body Mists are super lightweight, you can apply it multiple times a day!

This is how I layer my fragrances for the day:

  1. Start with either our Body Wash or Whipped Soaps in the shower.
  2. Once dry, I will use either a Body Milk or Body Custard in the SAME fragrance.
  3. Once the Body Custard has absorbed, I’ll apply some of our new and improved Body Butter Oils to the areas of my body that are exposed for an AMAZING glow.
  4. Then before I leave the house, I’ll always use our Body Mists (again, in the same fragrance). I’ll even bring my Body Mist with me so I can top up my fragrance throughout the day! 

  4. They’re not as harsh as perfume

It’s not uncommon for people with sensitive skin to struggle with wearing perfume due to its harshness. Because our Body Mists are super lightweight, vegan and cruelty free, they’re the perfect formula for those who can’t wear perfumes. 

Again, please patch test before spraying the mist all over. Everyone is different so while some may not have a reaction, others may (same with any perfume).

Our top selling Body Mists 

  1. Black Sugar

Black Sugar is a sweet and delicate combination of patchouli undertones and soft white florals, complemented perfectly with base notes of smooth vanilla and sweet Jasmine.

     2. Vanilla Caramel

Vanilla Caramel is enriched with a sweet and salty buttery caramel, balanced perfectly with rich, creamy vanilla, coconut and tonka bean.

    3. Pink Candy

Pink Candy is a romantic scent combining the fruity top notes of strawberry, raspberry and citrus with indulgent vanilla and white musk and a hint of cotton candy.

Black Sugar and Vanilla Caramel are DEFINITELY in my top 5 so I’m not surprised that these two are our top sellers. 

Want to get your hands on our amazing Body Mists?

Click here to shop our delicious range of Body Mists.

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