Ultimate Indulgence Pack

$600.95 AUD

$614.35 AUD

Introducing our Ultimate Indulgence Pack !

This is our biggest Bundle ever! It includes a Whipped Soap, Body Custard and Body Butter Oil from all 11 hideAWAY Core Fragrances!

Experience our handmade Whipped Soaps which are a luxurious creamy mousse for your body. Great for showering, bubble baths, shaving your legs or just washing your hands. Delight your senses with our light and luscious Body Custards. The Naturally creamy blend of Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil will leave your body deeply moisturised without feeling greasy or heavy. Our Body Butter Oil will have your skin begging for more more more. Full of natural ingredients that will nourish and soothe your skin, locking in moisture without leaving your skin greasy. 

  • 1x Vanilla Caramel Whipped Soap (100g)
  • 1x Vanilla Caramel Body Custard (200g)
  • 1x Vanilla Caramel Body Butter Oil (150ml)
  • 1x Frooty Loops Whipped Soap (100g)
  • 1x Frooty Loops Body Custard (200g)
  • 1x Frooty Loops Body Butter Oil (150ml)
  • 1x Tropical Punch Whipped Soap (100g)
  • 1x Tropical Punch Body Custard (200g)
  • 1x Tropical Punch Body Butter Oil (150ml)
  • 1x Fantasea Whipped Soap (100g)
  • 1x Fantasea Body Custard (200g)
  • 1x Fantasea Body Butter Oil (150ml)
  • 1x Lady Millionaire Whipped Soap (100g)
  • 1x Lady Millionaire Body Custard (200g)
  • 1x Lady Millionaire Body Butter Oil (150ml)
  • 1x Pineapple Coconut Whipped Soap (100g)
  • 1x Pineapple Coconut Body Custard (200g)
  • 1x Pineapple Coconut Body Butter Oil (150ml)
  • 1x Lime Coconut Whipped Soap (100g)
  • 1x Lime Coconut Body Custard (200g)
  • 1x Lime Coconut Body Butter Oil (150ml)
  • 1x Funky Monkey Whipped Soap (100g)
  • 1x Funky Monkey Body Custard (200g)
  • 1x Funky Monkey Body Butter Oil (150ml)
  • 1x Lemongrass Lime Whipped Soap (100g)
  • 1x Lemongrass Lime Body Custard (200g)
  • 1x Lemongrass Lime Body Butter Oil (150ml)
  • 1x Lychee Guava Sorbet Whipped Soap (100g)
  • 1x Lychee Guava Sorbet Body Custard (200g)
  • 1x Lychee Guava Sorbet Body Butter Oil (150ml)
  • 1x Coco Mango Whipped Soap (100g)
  • 1x Coco Mango Body Custard (200g)
  • 1x Coco Mango Body Butter Oil (150ml)

    For a full list of ingredients please see individual products.

    Caution: For external use only. Do not apply to eyes, lips or face. We recommend conducting a patch test 24 hours before use. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. 


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