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Glow Up Travel Essentials

Sale price$60.00 Regular price$180.00

This bundle has everything you need to smell and feel amazing on your next adventure! With a mix of best-selling scents and new favourites, you'll be the freshest one on the go. 🧳✈️ Don't miss out on this limited-time offer! 💖

🧖‍♀️ 50ml Shower Mousse in Bubba Hubba
🛁 50ml Body Scrub in Strawberry Gelato 
🛁 50ml Body Scrub in Kiwi Berry Bang 
🚿 50ml Body Wash in Strawberry Gelato 
🚿 50ml Body Wash in Kiwi Berry Bang 
🧴 50ml Body Custard in Vanilla Caramel 
🧴 50ml Hand Cream in Pineapple Coconut 
💆‍♀️ 50ml Shampoo in Black Sugar 
💆‍♀️ 50ml Conditioner in Black Sugar 
💆‍♀️ 50ml Hair Mask in Black Sugar 
👜 Cute Travel Bag

Each product is meticulously selected to pamper, refresh, and leave you feeling like the boss you are. Treat yourself or spoil someone special with this collection of irresistible scents and skin-loving formulas.