Aroma Beads - Flowerbombe Large

Aroma Beads - Flowerbombe Large

New Aroma Beads Flowerbombe - A simple and safe way to fragrance your home. A little pot of fragrance heaven, simply shake to smell the fragrance. These beads hold up to 30% of the fragrance.

Full Description

A simple and safe way to fragrance your home - Aroma Beads have a scent that will last for up to a month in optimum conditions. For best results using aroma beads, place them near air circulation - this includes window sills, under air conditioner and near fans or in confined spaces - including wardrobes and toilets. Please note, these have a different scent throw to candles and when the scent begins to dull simply give the jar a gentle shake to release the fragrance. Min weight 80 grams


Aroma beads are perfect for cupboards, toilets, bathrooms,fridge, desk and car (Keep out of direct Sunlight)Plus much much more.

Caution -

Keep aroma beads out of reach of children and pets

Keep aroma beads off painted and lacquered surfaces

Do NOT use in melt warmers or oil burners

Do Not leave in direct sunlight

Do Not Ingest

Avoid Contact with the skin

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