Australian Bushfire Crisis

Australia is fighting through an unprecedented bushfire disaster. Tens of thousands of people have been misplaced, over half a billion wildlife have been lost, and millions of hectares have been burned. Hundreds of homes, and countless lives lost...

hideAWAY wants to do our part to help the devastated communities and firies across the country, and use our platform to help spread the word. So for the month of January, hideAWAY is pledging the following:

  • We will be running a $5 daily raffle where we pledge 100% of every dollar to the charities listed below. (Click here for more info).
  • We will be creating  a “Bushfire Relief Bundle” - a limited release product where we pledge 100% of every dollar to the charities listed below (Click here for more info).
  • Our owners Steve & Ashy pledge $1000 to kick off the pledge. 

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(this will be updated daily.)

We will split the donations across services such as the NSW Rural Fire Service, Country Fire Authority VIC, Country Authority SA, Wires Wildlife Rescue and the Red Cross (more info in links below).

If you would prefer to donate yourself, please take the time to click the links below and share info or donate to these services/funds that need assistance. In a time like this, we all just want to do what we can - supporting each other in a positive way is one thing we all can do to help. Our thoughts are with all those affected or in harm's way. ❤️

Sincerely, the hideAWAY team. 

NSW Rural Fire Service

Country Fire Authority VIC

Country Fire Authority SA

Wires Wildlife Rescue

Red Cross