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Bundle - Flowerbombe NEW


A bundle for all your Flowerbombe Needs! Included Products 1 x  Flowerbombe Whipped Soap 1 x Flowerbombe Body Custard 1 x Flowerbombe Sugar Body Scrub 1 x Flowerbombe Marvellous Melts

Bundle - 10% Discount Cool Waters & Fairy Floss


A cute little his and hers bundle for all your loved up couple needs! Included Products In pink for the ladies we have Just like fresh cotton candy, this fragrance...

Bundle - Lime Coconut


A bundle for all your lime coconut needs! Included Products 1x Lime Coconut Sugar Scrub 1x Lime Coconut Whipped Soap 1x Lime Coconut Body Custard 1x Lime Coconut Lip Scrub...

Bundle - Monkey Farts

Sold Out

A bundle for all your monkey fart needs! Included Products 1x Monkey Farts Sugar Scrub 1x Monkey Farts Whipped Soap 1x Monkey Farts Body Custard 1x Monkey Farts Lip Scrub...

Bundle - Watermelon Crush


A bundle for all your watermelon crush needs! Included Products 1x Watermelon Crush Sugar Scrub 1x Watermelon Crush Whipped Soap 1x Watermelon Crush Body Custard 1x Watermelon Crush Lip Scrub...

Bundle - Peaches n Cream


A bundle for all your peaches n cream needs! Included Products 1x Peaches n Cream Sugar Scrub 1x Peaches n Cream Whipped Soap 1x Peaches n Cream Body Custard 1x...

Bundle - Pineapple Coconut


A bundle for all your pineapple coconut needs! Included Products 1x Pineapple Coconut Sugar Scrub 1x Pineapple Coconut Whipped Soap 1x Pineapple Coconut Body Custard 1x Pineapple Coconut Lip Scrub...