Soaps and scrubs. The ultimate shower duo that will leave your body clean, nourished and silky smooth. 

We have a range of soaps and scrubs that will do exactly that and MORE! Combined with our LUSCIOUS fragrances, our soaps and scrubs will not only deeply nourish your skin and leave you silky smooth, but they’ll also leave you smelling AMAZING! 

Below are some of our most popular soaps and scrubs!

Whipped Soaps

Our handmade Whipped Soaps are a superbly moisturising blend of natural and vegan friendly ingredients, mixed with a luscious selection of body safe fragrances.

Non-greasy and mess free, they are a treat for your body and your bathroom. The consistency of our Whipped Soaps make them a versatile, multi purpose product that is great for showering, bubble baths, shaving your legs or just washing your hands. 

The convenient tub also makes for the most perfect travel companion!

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Sugar Scrubs

Our Sugar Scrubs are super exfoliating to brighten and polish your skin while leaving it deeply moisturised! Our signature blend of oils and butters, mixed with sugar will gently strip your skin of any dead skin cells, leaving it super nourished and smooth! 

Our Sugar Scrubs are perfect if you’re preparing for a fresh layer of fake tan or are wanting to remove an old layer! Simply apply in gentle circular motions to damp skin until the sugar emulsifies! The sugar will remove any dead skin on your body leaving you silky smooth!

It’s also a great scrub to use prior to shaving your legs! By removing any dead skin, you will prevent razor burn and cuts by ensuring the razor has a smooth surface to shave against.

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Did you know that our WhipScrubs are a combination or our Whipped Soaps and Sugar Scrubs!? This combination creates the PERFECT formula for a creamy, nourishing exfoliator. 

With our signature foamy Whipped Soap and our oil and butter filled Sugar Scrubs, our WhipScrubs are designed to easily remove dead skin cells while leaving your skin clean and nourished. 

Our WhipScrubs are ideal for:

  • Cleansing
  • Old tanning product removal
  • Preparing skin for fake tan application
  • Helping with skin tone, bumps and unevenness
  • Assisting with reducing the signs of cellulite, psoriasis, eczema, in-grown hairs and body acne.

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