Introducing a revolutionary Nano-Activated Hand Cream to the hideAWAY range!

Revitalise, hydrate and protect your hands with our luscious new vegan friendly  Nano-Activated Hand Cream! Combining the broad spectrum protective properties of Activated Silver and Copper Nanoparticles, with a lush selection of natural oils and butters that we're famous for, our Hand Cream will leave your hands feeling soft, protected and smelling amazing in our top fragrances!

What makes our Hand Cream so special? 

It's our unique and innovative combination of Activated Silver and Copper Nanoparticles, and superbly moisturising oils and butters. Not only that, but we've partnered with an environmentally progressive company right here on the Gold Coast to bring you hand cream ingredients that go beyond in terms of responsible manufacturing. More on this below!

Let's take a look at some of our Hero Ingredients:

Nano Silver and Copper Additives, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Cacao Seed Butter.
That sounds great and all, but what do they do? Our hero-ingredients are known to:
- Protect your skin (an important barrier to outside irritants)
- Soften and moisturise
- Soothe your skin
- Lock in moisture without feeling too greasy.

Why Silver and Copper Nanoparticles?

Nano-Activated Silver and Copper are known to promote skin elasticity, and have natural antiseptic properties.
These properties, once activated, will provide your hands with a protective layer from outside irritants. Combine this nanoparticles with our natural oils and butters and you have a revolutionary hand cream that will leave your hands smelling AMAZING!

Fragrance and price range

Our Nano-activated Hand Cream retails for $22.95 and is available in the following fragrances: 
- Black Sugar
- Vanilla Caramel
- Paradiso
- Parisian Dream
- Strawberry Gelato
- Pink Candy.

How to use our Hand Cream

Step 1: Shake well before use.
Step 2: Place a small amount onto your palm.
Step 3: Apply in a circular motion until evenly distributed throughout your hand and fingers.
Step 4: Feel soft, protected, and smell amazing!

Our partnership

We've partnered with a socially and environmentally progressive company right here on the Gold Coast to bring you a hand cream that works as well for your hands as it does for the environment!
Built in Australia's first UDIA (Urban Development Institute of Australia) 6 Leaf Rated Commercial Facility, our partner 'Anika Natural Products' puts primary emphasis on water-saving, water treatment and solar power - including a 50kW solar system, reducing grid electricity consumption by up to 60%, and constantly monitored water consumption and treatment.
Their ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practice accreditation, and off-grid manufacturing status further highlight their reputation as a clean, green manufacturer in the personal care industry.
Anika's status, combined with our commitment to a 100% sustainable packaging future makes us the perfect match.

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