Fluffier, softer & smoother Whipped Soap? Try it now in our NEW Whipped Soap Fusions!!!

A triple threat whipped to perfect and a combination you will never forget! Introducing our NEW Whipped Soap Fusions with a fluffier, softer and smoother consistency! 
Our handmade Whipped Soaps are superbly moisturising, natural and vegan friendly. A luxurious creamy soap for your body! Non-greasy and mess-free, they are a treat for your body and your bathroom. The consistency of our Whipped Soap makes the versatile, multi-purpose products great for showering, bubble baths, shaving your legs or just washing your hands!

What is a Whipped Soap Fusion? 

Well, I’m glad you asked! Our Whipped Soap Fusions contain not one, not two, but THREE layers of DIFFERENT fragrances! Now, I know what you’re thinking, three different fragrances? It seems a bit much. But let me tell you that these fusions are the BOMB!
We’ve carefully combined fragrances that pair PERFECTLY with each other bringing you a UNIQUE, one of a kind scent! These fusions are available in three LIMITED EDITION combinations, Fruit Salad, Sweet Treats and Perfume Trio. 
What makes these Whipped Soap Fusions even better is that they are a NEW and IMPROVED formula of our OG Whipped Soaps. These fusions are fluffier, softer and smoother!! We revised our Whipped Soap formula to make these bad boys creamier and more luscious than ever before, it’s absolutely to DIE for!


Let’s go through the fusions shall we?

Fruit Salad

Layering Pineapple Coconut, Strawberry Gelato and Lime Coconut, this fusion is the PERFECT balance of sweet fruits and citrus! It’s a delectable fruity yet sweet blend of some of our best selling fruity fragrances! 

Sweet Treats

This will leave your skin smelling like candy, no joke! We’ve layered some of our best selling sweet fragrances, Red Frogz, Vanilla Caramel and Fairy Floss, and it’s an UNREAL combo! I usually prefer fruity and fresher fragrances but I think this fusion might be my favourite out of the three. That says something!

Perfume Trio

Layering the best of the best, Perfume Trio brings you Black Sugar, Pink Candy and Flower Power! This fusion brings you very sexy and playful vibes! Ashy has said that this is her fave of the three!

This creamy, fragrance infused, fluffy Whipped Soap formulation is only available in these three limited edition fusions. I have no doubt that this product will quickly become one of the must-have products in your bath time and shower routine! 

Our fragrance fusions are also the perfect way to try out some of the most popular signature hideAWAY fragrances! 

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