Fill the travel void in your heart with our NEW fragrance PARISIAN DREAM!

The last 12 months have been a strange and difficult time for all of us. A global pandemic took over the world and flipped our lives upside down, some more than others. Forced to isolate, wear masks and use bulk sanitiser, the world as we knew it changed.. 
No longer is it acceptable to share cocktails on nights out or catch a last minute flight to Bali just because you feel like it. Borders have closed to even our closest of neighbours in our own country. Difficult sacrifices to make, but important for the greater good. Needless to say, we’re living in a time that will definitely go down in the history books. 
For a lot of us, travelling was about escaping, about experiencing new things and creating everlasting memories with family and friends and sadly, that’s been taken away from us for now. So, let us bring travelling to you! And what better city to capture in a fragrance than the city of love, Paris!


Parisian Dream is the perfect date night fragrance! Enticing, sensual, feminine, playful, elegant, but most of all, SEXY! SO INCREDIBLY SEXY! If you like Black Sugar, Exotic Bliss or Pink Candy, you will absolutely LOVE Parisian Dream!


With top notes of crisp citrus and sweet peach, with middle notes of white rose, peony, jasmine, orange blossom and magnolia, finished with a base of patchouli, musk and cashmere wood, Parisian Dream is the perfect combination of a floral and fruity fragrance!

Parisian Dream is available in your FAVE hideAWAY products; Body Custard, Whipped Soap, Body Mist and Body Butter Oil. Which means you can also shop this delectable fragrance in a Small Bundle and a Duo Pack! What’s even better, is that you can select Parisian Dream when creating your own bundle with our NEW Build Your Own Bundle Feature!

Where will you go next?

When all restrictions are lifted and the world is back on its feet, where is the first place you will visit? For me, I’ll be rescheduling my Europe trip that was meant to happen last year (Paris included)! My girlfriends and I saved for 12 months, booked 6 weeks in Europe and obviously, never made it. Japan is also very high on my list of places to visit! 

Where will you go?

Will you go to Bali? Thailand? Vietnam? 

Will you go to America or Canada? 

Or will you too go to Europe?

I hope that we’re all travelling the world in no time at all! But for the meantime, lather your body in Parisian Dream, close your eyes and imagine yourself sipping on a glass of wine beneath the Eiffel tower with an abundance of Paris delicacies on a charcuterie board next to you. It’s the closest you’ll get to Paris as of right now but I promise it will not disappoint!


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